Troy Donovan

Colorado Springs, CO 80918 - (682) 730-0471 -

I build collaborative relationships with customers, guide projects and bring teams together to deliver superior results. I welcome challenges with proven credentials of optimizing distressed applications, business processes and devising innovative solutions for stakeholders. I provide technical leadership responsible for long-term strategy, vision, employee motivation and accelerated growth.


My vision is to effect real change by empowering, attracting and keeping top talented individuals.


Strategic experience allows me to lead organizations toward scalability and efficiency

  • Scalability involves detailed planning, leveraging technology and anticipating trends.
  • Efficiency is achieved through automating and simplifying business processes.


Leadership is by far the most needed skill in any business

  • I've learned that leadership is an art and to be a great leader you have to be flexible.
  • Every person communicates a little differently and sometimes a leader has to work harder in order to truly reach and motivate their followers.

Fun Facts


  • I am SSI Open Water Scuba certified
  • I also have some anxiety in water (conquer your fears!)


  • I fly powered paragliders
  • 30 skydiving free fall jumps
  • I am 10 hours from earning my Private Pilots License


  • I am an American Quarter Horse Association breeder
  • I love camping, hiking, barbecuing and kayaking!


  • I supported the NASA Curiosity mission to assess the habitability of Mars


  • I have been interviewed by BBC
  • Daisy Duke is my cousin
  • I helped save a few Vietnam Veterans lives.