Troy Donovan

Colorado Springs, CO 80918 -

I establish genuine relationships with customers, lead projects and bring teams together to support $3.17B in software contracts. I welcome challenges of optimizing distressed business processes and engineering creative solutions for stakeholders. I provide key technical leadership, mentoring and vision responsible for scalable architecture, efficiency, increased reputation and employee productivity.


My vision is to effect real change by empowering, attracting and keeping top talented individuals.

  • Vision is the ability to make decisions today that deliver results in 5-10 years.


Strategic experience allows me to lead organizations toward scalability and efficiency

  • Scalability involves detailed planning, leveraging technology and anticipating trends.
  • Efficiency is achieved through automating and simplifying business processes.


Leadership is by far the most needed skill in any business

  • Quality leadership results in the success of followers.

Fun Facts


  • I earned my SSI Open Water Scuba certification
  • I also have some anxiety in water (conquer your fears!)


  • I am passionate about flying paragliders and airplanes
  • 30 skydives, 2 malfunctions
  • I am 10 hours from earning my Private Pilots License


  • I love camping, hiking, barbecuing, weight training, fishing, hunting and kayaking!
  • I am a certified Wilderness First Responder


  • I supported the NASA Curiosity mission to assess the habitability of Mars


  • I have been interviewed by BBC
  • A movie star is my 2nd cousin
  • I've saved multiple lives and volunteer with Civil Air Patrol